A smart solution for students
As a student, the IntelliCard system will allow you to make purchases at selected vendors by swiping your student card through a point of sale machine.
The process is quick and transactions are reflected on your IntelliCard account instantly, which can be accessed through the student portal.
Getting started
One of the first steps to take as a new student using IntelliCard is to establish which allowance categories you have. You can do this by speaking to someone at your financial aid office, or by logging in to the student portal, where you can view your balances.
Download the latest IntelliCard student guide (contains terms and conditions)
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Student Login
Student Number
Student PIN
I've forgotten my student PIN
For Students
A simple, quick, and convenient way to purchase all your student necessities and manage your loan or bursary funds.
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> Where can I use my IntelliCard?
> Is IntelliCard really free?
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For Merchants
Fast transaction times resulting in quicker turnover and increased business, as well as a painless end of month recon process.
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> How do I operate IntelliCard at my store?
> What kinds of merchants use IntelliCard?
> How do I set up IntelliCard at my store?
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For Institutions and Funders
A significant cutdown on administrative time and effort and comprehensive management of student loans and bursaries.
> How does the system aid administration?
> What does the Institution / Funder portal offer?
> Do you have a brochure I can download?
> How do we sign up with IntelliCard?
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